CloQuBa Ha-Jutsu

CloQuBa Ha-Jutsu is the only real true police fighting system in the world. CloQuBa Ha-Jutsu is "Habermehl's methods of Close Quarters Battle." Habermehl has spent over thirty years perfecting this system of fighting.

Police work is the only profession whereby one has the potential to fight for real, on a daily basis. Not even the military has this unique occupational hazard. CloQuBa Ha-Jutsu, incorporates all facets of police combatives including: strikes, takedowns, ground combatives, handcuffing, weapon retention, edged weapon defense, escapes, tactics and shooting. In the real world, there is no ring, no octagon, no ref and no tapping out. LEO's fighting skills are constantly tried and perfected on the mean streets of society. There is no doubt that a police veteran possesses more real time fighting and survival hours than any martial arts black belt. Yet until this system was developed, there was no way to recognize and rank the LEO's fighting knowledge and abilities, nor to influence and motivate their progress.

The system recognizes eight levels of belts and seven degrees of black belts. Each level is based upon an individuals years of service, as well as, time spent training in the various skill areas. Advancement through the belt levels is achieved with additional work experience and continuing education in combatives subjects through lectures, individual training and/or mastery of police combatives techniques, as read in Police Combatives; Violent Encounter Resolution, and seen in all of Habermehl's DT videotapes.

If you are interested in achieving a rank in this "real world" police fighting style. Forward me a combatives resume, detailing your police experience and fighting education. A certificate of achievement is awarded with each promotion. There is a fee associated with each rank for assessment, administration and record maintenance. Send to P.O. Box 895578, Leesburg, FL 34789 or by Email (386)740-1615.